Who is Feal Suspension’s New Mystery Driver?

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From: ryan lovelace

Feal Suspension and Odi Bakchis just announced that the Feal Suspension Race Team will have three drivers for the 2023 Formula Drift Season and a mystery driver will be joining the team. Odi Bakchis and Ben Hobson are already claiming two of the driver spots, but the third driver remains a mystery. However, we think we have a good idea of who it might be.

The announcement post from Feal Suspension/Odi gave a few hints about the mystery driver:

Who is the third driver? Hints: Has driven in FD, is based outside of USA, is a @fealsuspension backed driver.

Based on these clues, we believe that Piotr Wiecek will be returning for the 2023 Formula Drift Season as Feal Suspensions mystery driver. He checks all the boxes and is widely regarded as one of the best drivers in the sport. Although there is no direct correlation, the recent announcement that James Deane will be returning Formula Drift as a RTR backed driver, doesn’t help our speculation.

Who is Piotr Wiecek?

For those who may not be familiar with him. Piotr Wiecek is a professional drifting driver from Poland who has won multiple championships and accolades over the years. He has been a part of the drifting scene for over a decade. Having competed and won in various competitions around the world.

Who is Feal Suspension?

Feal Suspension is a damper company, founded back in 2007 by Odi Bakchis. Specializing in servicing, tuning and developing of suspension components. Feal Suspension is a leading manufacturer of high-performance suspension systems and a major player in Formula Drift. Feal Suspension is also a large supporter of drifting and motorsports in general.


In conclusion, we believe that Piotr Wiecek will be a significant asset to the Feal Suspension Race Team as they continue to develop and compete in the sport of drifting. We look forward to seeing who Feal Suspensions new mystery driver is, whoever they are!

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