Kenda Tire is Officially a Formula Drift Tire Sponsor!

Kenda Tire’s partnership with Formula Drift is a perfect match. Formula Drift is a premier motorsport showcasing the best in drifting, while Kenda Tire is a leader in tire manufacturing. Together, they will bring the best of the best to the track with this 2-year agreement.

Kenda Tire has already built a reputation for producing high-quality, reliable tires that can perform in any race conditions. Their new 200 treadwear Vezda UHP MAX ultra high performance tire is sure to be no exception.

Kenda Tire’s joining of Formula Drift as an official tire sponsor is exciting news for the motorsport community. The partnership will provide drivers with high-quality tires. Kenda Tire will work closely with them to develop the new Vezda UHP MAX tire and improve their products across the product line. Drivers will have access to Kenda Tire’s latest technology and innovations, helping them perform at their best on the track.

While Kenda Tire is already well-known in the grassroots drift community for their ever-popular KR20 and KR20a tires. Their involvement in Formula Drift will help them expand their presence in the motorsport industry even further. This partnership will allow Kenda Tire to reach a wider audience and showcase its capabilities, undoubtedly increasing sales and further establishing the company as a leader in tire manufacturing.

Despite some fans’ concerns that Kenda’s new partnership will take away attention from the grassroots drifting community, Kenda Motorsports’ Instagram post states:

We will continue our branding in the grassroots drift, autocross, HPDE, and time attack community in addition to our efforts in FD in 2023.

Kenda Motorsports

Kenda has been in discussions with several Formula Drift teams. We are eager to discover which team will join the Yellow Label Society in the 2023 Formula Drift season!


Overall, Kenda Tire’s partnership with Formula Drift is a win-win situation. Formula Drift will receive the best possible support from Kenda Tire, and Kenda will benefit from the exposure and feedback they’ll receive from the drivers. We’re excited to see how the new Vezda UHP MAX perform and which teams will be joining Team Kenda!

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