GT Radial’s New Formula Drift Driver

GT Radial’s new Formula Drift Driver has just been teased on their Instagram!

From: Antoine de Cardaillac

GT Radial has been a major player in the tire manufacturing industry for several years, and they have been making great strides in the motorsports community as well. The company has been sponsoring a number of drivers and teams in various motorsports series around the world, and they have been working hard to establish themselves as a leading brand in the industry.

Following Falken Tire’s departure from Formula Drift, several drivers are now available. GT Radial might be capitalizing on this after teasing a new driver would be joining their team earlier today. While there is no confirmation, we believe that Odi Bakchis is a likely candidate. He is a professional drifter who has been competing in Formula Drift for over a decade. Winning multiple events and consistently ranking as one of the top drivers in the series.

Odi is known for his aggressive driving style and his ability to push his car to its limits. He has a unique approach to drifting, which has made him a fan favorite and a respected driver in the community.

Odi is a talented driver who has proven himself time and time again. He would make a great addition to the GT Radial team. Odi becoming a GT Radial driver will be interesting to watch and see how he adapts to the new tire. Especially after running Falkens since 2016! We have no doubt that he will be able to perform at a high level.


GT Radial has not officially announced who their new driver will be. Whoever the new GT Radial is, we are excited to see who joins the team. Also, we can be sure that GT Radial will continue to be a major player in the Formula Drift championship.

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