Rad Dan has decided not to compete in Formula Drift 2023 Season

Dan Burkett aka Rad Dan, a well know Formula Drift driver, has announced that he will leaving Formula Drift for the 2023 Formula Drift season. The decision came as a shock to many of his fans and fellow competitors, as he has been a prominent figure in the sport for several years.

Dan has been an integral part of the Formula Drift community since he joined. He quickly gained popularity for his incredible driving skills and dynamic personality, which made him a fan favorite.

Why is Dan Leaving?

In a recent instagram post, Dan stated

I know we have more to give and we didn’t get what we came for in @formulad  yet. But unfortunately we won’t be able to compete this season, we had to make a tough call on what makes sense versus what we want. We lost our main funding for 2023 and we tried to replace it with new partners in small window of time, it just didn’t happen for us.

Rad Dan leaving Formula Drift for the 2023 Formula Drift season will undoubtedly be felt by the drifting community. He has been a fierce competitor and has consistently pushed the limits of what is possible in a drift car. His driving skills and showmanship have inspired many young drivers to take up the sport and have earned him a legion of loyal fans.

Although Dan wont be competing in the 2023 Formula Drift season, he states he will be driving and competing in some different events around the country

We are still working with our other great partners to continue drifting this year at Gridlife and some other events around the country. Our plan is to return to FD in 2024 with a proper budget in place and continue chasing the dream.

Fans of Rad Dan will have to wait and see if he will return to Formula Drift for the 2024 season or later. In the meantime, the upcoming season of Formula Drift will undoubtedly be exciting, with new and returning competitors.

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